To the Editor:

Late last week the Chatham Borough Democratic Committee (CBDC) mailed a letter to “Young Chatham Voters” encouraging them to vote by mail and to vote for their “three fantastic candidates.” That’s it! The letter is remarkable both for what it contains and what it doesn’t. There is no specific information about their candidates or the issues of concern to Chatham Borough residents. The letter merely provides one reason to vote for the local Democratic ticket – “If you are disturbed by what is going on nationally, one of the easiest and most effective ways to send that message is to help make change locally.” The CBDC actually bolded the text for emphasis. The text of the letter makes it clear that the local Democratic Party’s only goal is to “turn Chatham blue” by securing the mayor’s seat and a majority on the Borough Council. This has been their aim for the last three election cycles. So much for the democratic ideal of casting a vote based on the relevant issues and/or electing the best candidate for the job.

The reality is that national party labels really have very little to do with local elections in Chatham Borough. There is no Republican or Democratic way to pave a road, pick up garbage, plow a street or provide other government services in a cost-effective manner. Illustrative of this point is the fact that since 2018, the Democratic members of the Borough Council have voted the same way as the Republican members on all of the substantive issues coming before the Council. Why is this so?
Because those votes represent what is in the best interest of Chatham Borough and not simply party politics.

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Don’t be fooled by the hollow claim that a vote for the local Democratic candidates will send a message to Washington. Overly partisan politics, such as the CBDC letter, has polarized and stymied Washington and has no place in Chatham Borough. I encourage all Chatham Borough voters to cast their vote for candidates who will work to bring our residents together, regardless of party, with the goal of making Chatham Borough an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Bob Weber
Summit Avenue
Candidate for Mayor