Education Focused, an organization created to present our citizens with facts on the upcoming School District Referendum on April 21, will be holding an information session for the public, 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 7 in the basement meeting room of the Library of the Chathams.
The main goal of Education Focused is to ensure that funds are used wisely and put towards the education of our children. It seeks to work with the Board of Education in focusing on financial flexibility. It does this by not burdening the operating budget with debt service costs when less expensive solutions exist.
Every dollar of debt service is another dollar taken away from the funding of curricular programs and instructional costs. Both the municipal governments of Chatham Borough and Chatham Township have long had Master Plans and everything done in each municipality must conform to the Plan.
The School District of the Chathams desperately needs to develop a long range Master Plan which addresses all our capital needs in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. Such a plan requires the involvement of the entire community: Parents with children in the school system, parents with children who have gone through the school system, singles, seniors, business leaders, elected officials and others. By partnering together, we can jointly decide what we would all like our students to have gained by a purposeful and meaningful education in one of the highest ranked districts in the state.

Education Focused invites all residents of The Chathams to partake of this opportunity to learn how we can work together to support education and not burden ourselves with debt service costs for the next twenty years. Again, the date and time is 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 7 at the basement meeting room of the Library of The Chathams.
For more information, please contact Len Resto at or 973-635-5373 or visit the EducationFocused website at