Here at the Fitness Factory Health Club, we are focused on always giving back to our local communities. Furthermore, we are always interested in bringing new people into our facility by holding an Open House once a month in order to all the public to try us out for the day free of charge!

In August, Fitness Factory Health Club New Providence held a Spin-a-Thon themed open house with all proceeds donated to an Autism and Special Needs non-profit organization! This is the type of mindset we hold here at the Fitness Factory. We realize that events like this not only bring our community together, it also helps those who need a helping hand.

To continue, Fitness Factory New Providence will be having a huge end of summer sale starting August 28th and ending August 31st!  This sale consists of $0 enrollment on all 12- and 24-month commitment memberships and $100 off enrollment on our "No Commitment" membership. This is an unbelievable offer that is the best we have ever had in the history of the Fitness Factory! If you back from your summer vacation and ready to get back into the swing of things, this is the time to sign-up with us! This sale is on for the weekend of August 28-31 only. Come stop by and talk with one of our extremely knowledgeable front desk staff and personal trainers!

The Fitness Factory Health Club, 598 Central Avenue, New Providence, is excited to be a part of your fitness journey and this community, and we cannot wait to see you!  Call us at (908) 665-9500 with any questions.  Hope to see you at the gym!