To the Editor,
I am appalled at the lengths Ms. Abbott and her campaign went to, and am grateful to all the voters who saw through the lies. To set the record straight, Frelinghuysen did endorse Sullivan. I heard the conversation myself. I have a copy of Lydia Chambers’ letter of resignation from the planning board due to her moving out of town. I have a copy of the lawsuit from the Fechner's (Abbott supporters) against the Town and town residents.
I have pictures of Abbott’s signs on the front yard of the head of the Democrat party in Chatham Township. I spoke to the Board of Elections, and Abbott did write a letter to have two people removed from working at the polls as they have for years, merely because they were not supporters of her.
It is sad that Abbott and her campaign did everything they could, including enlisting Patti Page, Vice chair of the County Committee, a Borough resident no less, to lie for them as well, stating Abbott took down pictures insinuating she was endorsed by Frelinghuysen, and saying I, Sullivan, and the people associated with him were lying. The facts are far different from Abbott and Page’s delusional truths. Need I go on?
Kevin Sullivan ran a clean and truthful campaign. Anything stated insinuating less is insulting. You the voters are always the best judge, and you definitely saw this one for what it was.
As Chairman of the Republican Committee, and a longtime committee member, I have never been in favor of being public with my thoughts in this fashion. But this election constituted my letter to you, and setting the record straight.
We cannot have the liberals use the Republican party knowing that they could never be elected in our town running as Democrats. This is what is happening here, and it is unfortunate that Abbott and her campaign cronies chose to slander good men and women all the way to her “good bye”  statements.
I could not be more proud of all those who helped to drum out the loud and dishonest voices of the Abbott campaign. There is no “political machine” here. Just good and decent people who won’t stand for the do anything and say anything political strategy employed by Ms. Abbott that now has hopefully been laid to rest.
I can only hope that this campaign has not discouraged the good men and women, regardless of party, who live in Chatham Township from wanting to serve and volunteer. We need you, and we never want to have anyone fear you will be attacked. Hopefully, we can move on from the damage Ms. Abbott and her campaign has caused. Chatham Township deserves good and honest elected officials and volunteers, and I know those of you who wish will step up to the plate if you desire.
Congratulations to Kevin Sullivan. He is a true honest and decent man. He deserved your support and our town is a better place for you placing your faith in him to continue to make Chatham Township one of the best places in the country, and the world, to live and raise your families in.
Daniel Miller
Chatham Township Republican Committee