CHATHAM, NJ - Robert Falzarano, borough administrator, gave a presentation of his "Personnel Reorganization Plan," at the Borough of Chatham Council meeting on Monday night.

Part of the plan is to move the offices of the administrator, administrative assistant and engineer from the third floor of the municipal building to the second floor. According to Falzarano, that would allow the borough to gain rental income from the third-floor offices and create more of a "Team Concept" by having all of the municipal offices on the same floor.

In 2008, there were 66 fulltime municipal employees. In 2014 there are 49 fulltime employees. By consolidating services with other towns, the borough saved $361,746 dollars, or $340,000 annually since 2011. Over the last four the savings is $1,404,420.

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"Transformational change is happening," Falzarano said. "What you have you to worry about that transformational change model is that you'll plateau at some point. Then you're going to fall into a chaotic situation. That's what we're trying to avoid by coming back and looking at the personnel structure and what we can do now to basically retool the state of the organization that we have today.

"Now we have to look into those other intangibles like efficiency and effectiveness, not just reduction of cost. That's why we really want to look at restructuring."