Dear Editor:

As a former Mayor (1976 through 1979) and Councilman (2008 through 2010) and a resident of Chatham Borough for over 50 years, I know good government when I see it.  This is why I enthusiastically endorse Len Resto for Borough Council. 

I have known Len for over 15 years and he has been a pillar of the community through his volunteerism and giving freely of his time. He is just plain folk who always does the right thing. During his prior stint on the Borough Council from 2010 to 2013, his service was a model to be emulated by others. He was liaison to many committees; however, he always considered himself more than a liaison.  He thought of himself as a committee member and “rolled up his sleeves.”

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He always listened to the citizens of the Borough and resolved many problems.  I especially remember the hard work and compassion with which Len served during the “Shocktober” snowstorm and Hurricane Sandy. 

It was unfortunate that a lucrative job offer made it necessary for Len to step down from the Council in April, 2013 and even more unfortunate that the Company he went to in Pennsylvania decided to restructure only 8 weeks after Len’s move there and he was laid off. However, Len was undeterred, quickly finding a new position in the area and becoming a fixture in the fabric of Chatham.

He is now the Chair of the Environmental Commission, Chair of the Pilgrim Pipeline Advisory Committee and he was the Chair of last year’s highly acclaimed Train Station’s Centennial. As a testament to how liked Len was, both the police and fire departments continued to invite Len to their annual dinners after Len’s departure from the Council.  That should tell you something.

Please join me and Rita in voting for Len Resto on June 2nd.  Remember, Len is at the bottom of the ballot. Sometimes you’ll find the best at the bottom.


Joseph L. Marts (Mayor, 1976-1979 & Councilman 2008-2010)

Chatham Borough