As a former Mayor and a member of Chatham's fire department for 50+ years, I know that Chatham deserves a Mayor who will be fully committed to working on behalf of our residents. Having served with Mayor Vaughan for three years on the Chatham Borough Council and having known him as a caring father and upstanding Boy Scout Troop Chairman, I have long admired his tireless work ethic and commitment to our community. Though I am a Republican, it is my pleasure to put aside partisan politics and offer Mayor Vaughan my highest endorsement for a second term as mayor.

Over these past four years, I have watched Mayor Vaughan consistently fight hard for our families and our community. He is the first Mayor to hold regular public office hours and through his unprecedented level of openness he has exhibited a sincere desire to be "Chatham's Mayor." As a volunteer myself, I am impressed with the outsatnding job that Mayor Vaughan has done to support volunteers, especially emergency responders. Furthermore, he has exhibited full support for our recreation program's volunteers, and he is 100% in support of our recreation programs.

I can sincerely say taht Mayor Vaughan is one of our most dedicated and hardworking mayors. He has worked day in and day out over the past four years to accomplish results, large and small. It is his dedication to his office and to the residents of Chatham that has won me over. It is absolutely essential that we reelect Mayor Vaughan, so that we can continue to have a strong independent voice for our residents in Borough Hall. I hope you join me on November 8th in reelecting Mayor Nelson Vaughan.

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Joe Marts