Dear Editor:

After moving to Chatham six years ago, I still marvel at how fortunate I am to live here with my family and call it home. No town, however, is immune to significant challenges and Chatham faces its own in the years ahead. Particularly concerning to me as a homeowner:

1) Our Main Street is on a continued and persistent decline with vacancies popping up faster than new stores and restaurants are coming in.

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2) The town has a projected budget shortfall and no clear and reasonable plan for addressing it.

3) Questions remain about how to develop Post Office Plaza without dramatically changing the aesthetics of the town, adding to traffic, or creating parking problems. 

These aren't easy challenges to address and will require future-forward thinking from a strong group of council members who can generate fresh ideas, challenge one another's thinking, and ensure the good of the town comes before personal agendas. 

That's why I'm voting for Jon Wilcox and Thad Kobylarz. They'll add diversity of thought and perspective to our borough council, which has been under single-party leadership for years. As Democrats, Jon and Thad will also make the council more representative of our changing town demographics, ensuring all voices are heard. 

Over the past few months, I've had a chance to speak at length with both Jon and Thad. They're sharp, strategic thinkers with impressive professional experience and a genuine desire to do what's right for our town and our people. I'm confident Jon and Thad are the right council members to work alongside others to solve our challenges and move us forward while preserving the Chatham we love.

Of course, to ensure our council members represent Chatham, we all need to get out and vote on November 7!

Tessa Tinney