Dear Editor,

I’m voting for Thad Kobylarz and here is why:

1. We need someone who is a professional on the Chatham Borough Council, a person who can come in and get the job done. Thad is one of the most intelligent and honest people that I have ever met. He’s brilliant yet humble, and he has the demeanor needed to be a competent, productive member of our town council.

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2. Thad Kobylarz would bring new and innovative perspectives to the town council.

3. We need a business leader and someone who understands the economy on our town council. Thad Kobylarz was the Chairman of GT Global Ventures and has published an article in the Wall Street Journal regarding drivers of economic growth. Thad Kobylarz being on town council will only be a benefit to the local economy.

4. Thad is always willing to listen to anyone who speaks. He invites challenges and debates because those are healthy for our society and make our society better.

I hope you will join me on November 8th and vote for Thad Kobylarz.