Dear Editor,

On Saturday as I was bagging my groceries at ShopRite…I took a moment to glance at my phone and saw that Kevin Sullivan’s facebook page stated that he was endorsed by our good Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen. Since Rodney NEVER endorses in a Primary and was one of the people to ENCOURAGE Kathy to run again, I was so shocked that I ran out of the store without my groceries.

Well guess what?  My initial instinct was right as it was confirmed today by Rodney’s office that HE DID NOT ENDORSE SULLIVAN. It was yet another lie from the Sullivan camp.

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I ask you Chatham Township…Is this the kind of behavior that our so called role models should exhibit?  Today ‘Tis Honor’ as he is referred to by the only female member of the Twp Committee (I find this a bit degrading to women) actually accused Kathy in another lie (I’m losing count) of discrediting his military service? What?? Kathy would never in a million years EVER do that!

Is everyone on that team losing their minds?  Ritter and Swartz and Brower and Miller are campaigning like the future of human civilization depends on Sullivan’s win. I can assure you Chatham Township that life will go on, no matter what the outcome. Personal agendas may not, but I would hope that no matter what the outcome of the election…this is the last ugly one we have to witness first hand for a long time.

My initial letter to the papers last week pointed out that since Sullivan has taken office he has voted in lockstep with his other Brower appointed Township Committee members every time. See the online minutes for yourself. Is this really what you want? Do you want people that come to meetings with pre-written speeches indicating their minds have been made up on an issue even BEFORE hearing public commentary?

We need a diverse Township Committee. We need people that represent all of us. We need people that listen..that have vision…that have an incredible work ethic and spirit.  We need Kathy Abbott back in her seat on the Township Committee. Please don’t sit this one out neighbors. Make every effort humanly possible to get out and vote for Kathy Abbott – Lucky Line Number 13 – Tuesday June 2nd. And by the way, Sullivan campaign, I want the money back for my left behind groceries!

Laura M. Ali

Chatham Township