To the Editor:

The Friends of the Library of The Chathams are pleased to announce our support of the Library's capital campaign.

Library of the Chathams is one of the most vital parts of our community. Over 76 percent of our residents hold library cards and rely on the Library for educational programs, technical help and social activities. To better serve the growing needs of the Chathams, the Library launched a capital fundraising campaign, “Bridging Space to Place.” (Proposal at

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The Friends of the Library proudly supports the “Bridging” project. We recently donated to this worthy cause. But to be truly successful, the Library needs the partnership and support of the entire community. “As a 46-year resident of Chatham and a constant library user, I urge everyone to study the plans and make a donation to help us turn our ‘space into a place you can call your own, now and in the future,’” says Salli McMorrow, Publications Officer for Friends of The Library. “Your gift today will help our Library be the Library our community deserves and needs!” The Friends of the Library calls on the community to support the Library strongly at this important time, and make a donation to help bring these important plans to fruition.

-The Friends of the Library of the Chathams