To the Editor:

Hurray for the Chatham Borough Council and the residents of Chatham! Apparently all it took to settle the COAH matter and search for an additional police officer was for a couple of upstart Democrats to present themselves as candidates for Council.

Now I would like to see our “non-partisan” group settle the Parrott Mill property dispute and start the search for grants to replace our hook and ladder fire engine which is being held together with band aids and duct tape. The sooner we can reduce legal costs and attorneys’ fees, the sooner we can add a second or third police officer and maybe update the Fire Department’s communications system. What do you think, Council Members?

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I wonder what other great strides our Council is going to make. I am all for a parking garage to be built as part of the Gateway project. This garage would be a welcome addition by our Chatham Township commuters, based on approval of NJ Transit who must initiate the additional stop on the train line . Dr. Thaddeus Kobylarz and I are concerned citizens for Chatham and want Chathamites to know we can get things done!


James W. Clyde, Jr.

33 Carmine Street

Chatham, NJ 07928