To the Editor:

I have spent 51 days in quarantine, and in those 51 days, I’ve found an overwhelming amount of gratefulness for the many who are stepping up to the plate to help us fight this pandemic. While many of the heroes are obvious, there are others who work behind the scenes to keep Chatham secure, which today especially is an important and challenging task. Today, I’d like to sing the praises of some less visible heroes here among us in Chatham, members of the Chatham Borough government. 

Mayor Thaddeus Kobylarz, thank you for your regular updates on our town’s status, messages that are informative and uplifting, making them both meaningful and welcomed. Fielding calls and attending Zoom meetings daily, and especially with a regular job to tend to as well, your commitment to our town is appreciated.

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Administrator Steve Williams, as the daughter of a former township administrator, I can vouch for the many challenges your position has “normally” and “on a good day,” neither of which is an appropriate descriptor for our current state of affairs. There you are, working tirelessly - 12 hours a day, 7 days a week - to take care of your community, and your commitment is admired. 

Secretary Melanie Politi, thank you. You manage multiple social media accounts and the Borough’s website, seemingly seamlessly. You’ve created a dedicated COVID-19 page that includes dozens of resources and is updated frequently to keep citizens informed. It is refreshingly easy for me to keep updated, and for that, I thank you.

Chatham Borough Council, our six elected officials working to support your constituents, and you all have other responsibilities - as parents, employees, and more - I am sure you never conceived of anything like this when you ran for office, but here you are, and you continue to work resolutely to keep us informed, to support us, to keep Chatham going. Thank you.

The Department of Public Works, I am grateful for you. Your services are essential to our quality of life, and I appreciate your devotion to work ordinarily and particularly now, amidst the pandemic, as you continue to conduct “business as usual,” when next-to-nothing about life at current is “as usual.”

Our police and fire departments and emergency squad, you are always there for us, no matter what is thrown at you. Knowing that you are there to serve and protect us is a comfort I’ll never take for granted. For putting it all on the line every day, for taking on the extra hazards at a time like this, I thank you.

To the others I am remiss in acknowledging, I am thankful for you, too, today and every day. I cannot begin to imagine what kind of exhaustion something of this magnitude brings, mentally, physically, emotionally. You are appreciated, you are thought of; I am grateful. I am but one person, but I am sure I am not alone.

With thanks, 

Amy Nuzzo

Chatham Borough