Every year, Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, finds homes for hundreds of retired racing greyhounds all over New Jersey and even New York City.  Upon arrival, the greyhounds that are not adopted immediately go into foster homes or into our award-winning Prison Foster Program at Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility in Annandale, NJ.

Greyhounds make wonderful calm, loyal and adoring pets. Some people make the incorrect assumption that since the dogs can reach 45 miles an hour in three strides that they're hyper or need a lot of exercise. Actually, the opposite is true. While a greyhound loves a romp in a fenced yard or a good walk every day, they are quintessential couch potatoes. I have four of my own and they're in typical greyhound mode right now, sleeping all around me.

While we take in greyhounds from faraway tracks regularly, Mothers' Day is coming early for GFNJ. On Saturday, February 15, we welcomed 10 broods -- females used for breeding -- from Kansas. Ranging in age from five to eight years, the ten broods spent years on a Kansas breeding farm. Collectively, they had 122 puppies in hopes of producing a winning racing dog. Some of them did just that, some didn't and were no longer useful so GFNJ stepped in.

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Linda Lyman, GFNJ president said, "The girls raced before they started their lives as mothers. Broods make wonderful pets. They are calm, sweet and mature girls just dying for a good life in a home.  They have a wise look in their eyes as if they know there's someone out there ready to love them."

Once they arrived, the broods were spayed, had dental cleanings, and all their shots were updated -- an expensive process for the non-profit group. So, a special auction will be held from February 23 to March 3 to help pay the veterinarian fees.  They're just waiting to be adopted now.

You can go to www.gfnj.org for more details on the auction and for profiles of the broods and other greyhounds now available for adoption.