To the Editor:

The following is why we must elect Mark Hamilton and Ashley Felice for Chatham Township Committee, as well as the entire slate.

First, our Democrat friends have made a mockery of our town with mismanagement of affordable housing, as well as shutting the public out with electronic meetings at times when the public can not really attend, complete with mute button. These meetings have also left the public with no opportunity to respond to the committee's incoherent responses to our initial questions. It is a sad testament to our Democrat-controlled committee. They continue to tell us a 2018 decision by a past committee is our affordable housing problem, yet it is this 2020 Democrat-controlled committee that have made or perpetuated three different proposals on sites. The first two sites were met with lawsuits and have failed and been abandoned. The third, the 2020 Democrat-controlled committee has moved on eminent domain and spurred more legal battles and very well may have destroyed the opportunity to acquire the former Charlie Brown's site.

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These are all things that will continue unless we elect Hamilton and Felice to bring reason to our committee. I will guarantee if the Democrats get elected, we will see the national Democrat agenda pushed right here in Chatham Township. Ness and her crew will not admit to it, but they will divert funds from our police and make our town less safe. We have already seen a rise in crimes and robberies in town, unaddressed by the committee. Diverting funding from police, and putting heads in the sand in order to push a political agenda won't keep us safe. We are now seeing many suburban households attacked for political beliefs. The Democrat candidates will walk in lockstep with these policies. Hamilton and Felice will not, and won't tolerate lawlessness.

Your taxes have already been raised by the 2020 Democrat-controlled committee, and if we don't elect Hamilton and Felice we will see more major increases. An entire Democrat committee will be emboldened to carte blanche with our money. Tax increases will be commonplace with the money spent on feel-good cliche programs as opposed to providing essential services as they should. The Democrat candidates pretend to be moderates for electability, but surely are not and none of us should be fooled.

We cannot allow mob rule to control Chatham Township, we cannot allow what is going on in all major cities run by Democrats happen here. And if you think it can't, guess again. The platform of the Democrat mob rule politics will most definitely be pushed on us swiftly and forcefully, taking away your rights, and destroying your peace, property rights, and safety.

They will say no, accuse me of all kinds of things for saying it, but without doubt, they will invoke these policies, just as we have seen these policies applied all across our country where the Democrats rule. Remember they are invoking eminent domain now and will invoke it liberally in the future, maybe on you, maybe on other business owners.

The Democrat candidates will be puppets to Ness and these crazy policies. The Democrat candidates will rubber-stamp the insanity.

Lastly, a committee run by all like thinkers certainly lends itself to dictatorial rule, without true input or true compromise of ideas. In order to preach diversity of ideas, our committee needs to have a diversity of ideas. This is why Hamilton and Felice are the right people at the right time. They will bring perspective, and rein in the insanity that has been imposed upon us and our community for the last year.

Please cast your vote for Felice and Hamilton, as I surely will be.

Stay safe and keep your eye on the ball.

Daniel Miller
Green Village Section of Chatham Township