Going off to college for the first time is exciting and scary. You are filled with hope, excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Yet the fear of the unknown can be quite overwhelming. You are optimistic that you and your roommate will get along and like the same things. You are ready to make new friends and put yourself out there to meet as many new people as you can. You are open to the new academic challenges and managing your independence, maybe for the first time. 

Then you get to school and it is much harder than you thought. You and your roommate are civil but don’t have a lot in common. You have made some friends, but are still deciding if they are people you really can trust. The schoolwork you were able to handle with some ease in high school is now much harder than you had expected. You start to feel homesick, a little sad, overwhelmed and not sure you made the right decision. You spend more time in your room than you would like and you are feeling isolated although surrounded by thousands of other students. You go out a lot or maybe start drinking more than you should.

You realize you may need some support or someone to talk to help you work through this rough patch. You head over to the counseling center to talk to a counselor, only to find there is a waiting list. Now what? You call home but don’t want your parents to worry. You reach out to your high school friends who seem to be handling the transition better than you have been. Where do you turn? Who can help? 

There is a new website out there for freshmen girls who may be struggling with college life. Who just need a little support, encouragement and to know they aren’t the only ones out there having these feelings and thoughts.  www.freshzengirl.com is a website that covers all the topics and issues freshmen girls are faced with each day; weight challenges, fitting in, time management, sadness, empowering themselves and maintaining a high level of self-esteem even though the hardest of times. If you have a high school senior or a college freshmen girl – check it out! Always good to have a resource!