LIVINGSTON, NJ – Lee Holtzman, Angelo Tedesco and Laura Ali have recently announced that they will run for the 27th legislative district’s State Senate and Assembly seats. 

Holtzman, a property tax attorney, will join Tedesco, a firefighter, and former Chatham Township Committeewoman Laura Ali to run for the 27th legislative district’s State Senate and Assembly seats.

A resident of Livingston, Holtzman has built a career on providing property tax relief to families and small businesses. With his experience in this field, Holtzman plans to dedicate this knowledge to lowering property taxes.

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"Senator Codey has spent almost four decades in Trenton squeezing every possible nickel out of New Jersey taxpayers. We didn’t even have a state income tax until Codey came to Trenton to vote for it,” said Holtzman, pointing out that during Codey’s 39-years in the Legislature, New Jersey has had the highest property taxes in the nation and highest unemployment rates in the region. 

“Every tax and fee increase, every job-killing regulation has had Dick Codey’s fingerprints on it. New Jersey families have been forced to flee the state in droves because Dick Codey has over-taxed them, while personally becoming a multimillionaire on the backs of those that stayed,” continued Holtzman.

Holtzman cited the 39-year career of Codey and sides with the idea that he is responsible for increases in taxes and other fees that have not been good for the middle class. 

“We finally have a leader in Governor Chris Christie who is making the tough but necessary decisions to undo the damage Dick Codey has made a career of doing. It is time the residents of the 27th District had an advocate in Trenton who recognizes the difficult times we face, instead of the insider who created the mess. When elected to represent the residents of District 27, I will commit myself to working with Governor Christie and my Democrat colleagues to make New Jersey a more affordable place to live and a state that creates jobs, not support policies that impede our recovery,” said Holtzman.

Tedesco’s 24 years of experience serving his community as a councilman, firefighter and local union leader help him realize the power of teamwork, and he looks forward to working with both parties to change New Jersey’s tax policies and job trends.

“Making tough decisions and shared sacrifices have been the cornerstones of my career,” said Tedesco, a long-time resident of East Hanover and father of two. “Unfortunately, the tax and spend mentality of our opponents demonstrates their lack of understanding of what middle class families and small business owners face every day. As a Councilman, I made tough decisions to improve the lives of the residents of East Hanover; it’s time District 27 had representatives who work for the entire district."

According to the Holtzman camp, spending reached record levels since John McKeon and Mila Jasey have served in legislature. 

“They kicked the can down the road on every major issue, and now they stand in the way of Governor Christie’s efforts to clean up the mess they created,” added Tedesco. “I look forward to being a part of Governor Christie’s reform team and continuing to rebuild our state, improve our economy and create jobs.”

As a local PTA leader and successful small business owner, Ali has a passion for creating opportunities for future generations and has gained the experience needed to grow good-paying jobs. On the Chatham Township Committee, Ali worked closely with small businesses to make her town more business friendly and grow jobs.

“Ensuring our children can afford to live and work in our state requires swift action and bi-partisan cooperation in Trenton,” said Ali, a mother of three public school children. “I am dedicated to making sure our youngest New Jerseyans get the first-rate education they deserve and the job opportunities they need after graduation. I raised my family here in New Jersey and I intend to ensure that every family can afford to do the same. Unfortunately our opponents have made the dreams of so many young families more difficult continually raising taxes both here at home and in Trenton.”

Ali continued to explain the impact that large tax burdens and fees have on middle class families and what is needed to alleviate it.

“My family has joined with many others across the district to tighten our belts and do more with less,” added Ali. “Trenton politicians have a lot to learn from the tough decisions that are made around kitchen tables across New Jersey. They do not realize that the taxes and regulations they pile on small businesses cost middle-class families jobs. Governor Christie has our state moving in the right direction to bring down the burden of property taxes and promote small business job growth. He needs a team in the legislature committed to working with him to get the job done.”

The Holtzman camp is gearing up to hit the campaign trail and are eager to educate voters on why Christie’s plan for change will be the right decision for New Jersey’s economy.

“Angelo, Laura and I will work tirelessly to earn the support of voters across our district and show them that we are the team committed to provide them with the tax relief and good-paying jobs they deserve. Working with Governor Christie, we look forward to cleaning up the mess our career-politician opponents created,” concluded Holtzman.

New Jersey’s 27th Legislative District represents portions of Essex and Morris Counties and includes the communities of Caldwell, Chatham Township, East Hanover, Essex Fells, Florham Park, Hanover, Harding, Livingston, Madison, Maplewood, Millburn, Roseland, South Orange, and West Orange.