Dear Editor,

After the bitter, high school-like behavior in the past two Chatham Township Republican Primary Elections, we citizens long for more peaceful local elections. In the past two June Republican Primaries, when I was trying to regain my seat on the Township Committee, a nasty faction of the Township Republican party mailed outrageously misleading smear letters against me. The letters were written by Bailey Brower and Dan Miller, funded by Brower, and sent last minute so that there was almost no time for rebuttal.

Those of us who have lived here a decade or longer know that the dirty politics of the past two years were nothing new. Mr. Brower and his cronies had bullied Republicans out of their seats on the Township Committee with similar untrue smear mailings several years ago.

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Sullivan allowed a Brower last minute attack of lies and distortions last year and could easily allow it again. Threatening another such attack, Sullivan’s campaign manager recently texted a colleague of mine that Stacey is “an easy target.” This bullying and texting is something we might expect in an election for 6th grade class president. But in Chatham?

Let’s hope that this year we can end the dirty politics in this great township. For the first time in a decade, the contest for Chatham Township Committee is at the General Election, and not already settled in the Republican Primary. I believe our citizens want to choose our leaders through dignified, respectful elections.

Kathy Abbott, 

Wynwood Road