Dear Editor-

Coming out of the 2016 National Election, we're seeing an inspiring amount of energy and overall engagement with politics. We are excited to see our friends and neighbors activate at the most local level in the Chatham Township race.

However in recent weeks, it has been rather disturbing to see smear campaigns, and even the mindless tribalism that some of the local Republicans are pushing - Vote Chatham / Vote Republican.

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Talk ideas. Talk vision. Don't try to divide us up. That's what you do when you don't have good ideas.  When you don't have vision. It's not the type of messaging you put out to grow and engage a community.

Stacey Ewald, Tracy Ness and Salil Sheth are candidates that lead with ideas and vision. They want to have the community informed and actually involved in the decision-making process (imagine that!). 

An overall platform that outlines how Chatham Township can become even better, and still hold the line on everything that we all currently enjoy and value.

This is the people-powered, future-forward approach we need. So I ask - what kind of community leaders do you want...those that want to divide us up or those that want to bring us together? I say the latter.  

Vote Ewald, Ness & Sheth for Township Committee on Tuesday, Nov 7th. The future is brighter together.  

Thank you,

The Giamartino Family