Sotty for mu typimg...

Are you speaking to your client as if he were a middle-schooler?  Don't let your client think you're being lazy or disrespectful!   I'm going to clue you in on the most ridiculously easy way to communicate appropriately even if you're answering emails while attempting to dismount an escalator <<ouch>>.

Have you noticed a trend lately in the replies you've been getting to your emails?  They look like ---  ys ill b therr

What the heck is that? More and more business professionals SQUEEZED for time are frantically typing on the go. This means more fat fingered crazy messages with weird abbreviations strange misspellings and no punctuation to speak of......and ......send.  Park the car ... answer an email .... Break in the meeting .... Answer an email... stop at a red light ... answer an email.  We all do it, don't pretend you don't!   Let me help you out:

Get to your smart phone's user guide (ugh - I know!) and find out how to create your outgoing email signature. Then create one like this, "Sorry for the brevity and typos, I'm replying via my Smart Phone so that I don't keep you waiting for an answer".

How cool is that? You're excusing your crappy typing in the name of giving great customer service!

Hppy respndng!


P.S. Please please please don't use "text message" abbreviations normally used by 8th graders. This is insultingand actually MORE difficult to read than normal English. Leave the C U L8ter for your kids - your clients deserve, "See you later".