To the Editor:
In the past week, a number of signs have appeared around town, suggesting a “no” vote on the referendum and to "Support education, not a performing arts center." To imply that the Board of Education has proposed a referendum that does not support education is simply untrue.
Enrollment in Chatham schools has grown more than 25 percent in the past 10 years. This is not a political statement; it is a fact. Chatham's long-standing commitment to educational excellence has been recognized by independent rankings both within New Jersey and nationally. In turn, this drives more families to move to Chatham and both increases enrollment in our schools and adds to the value of our homes. 
The proposed referendum creates more educational space throughout the district, and makes a concerted effort to address academics, the arts, and athletics - ALL of which are important components in developing well-rounded students. I commend the Board of Education for having the commitment and courage to go beyond the maintenance of the status quo, and to propose that we make the necessary investments in our public schools that will keep Chatham competitive for years to come.

Yes, the price is what we pay, but value - in both educational value and increased property value - is what we’ll receive in return. 
On April 21st, support education by supporting the budget and the referendum!
Colleen Truppo