For more than three weeks, I’ve been really sick with what used to be called an Upper Respiratory Infection. At first, I did all the “Must-Do!’s. I made myself bowls of chicken noodle soup, alternating with the the rich full-bodied taste of Wholesome Pea Soup with vegetables. Knowing full well that my mother prepared chicken soup for the family every Friday, I must confess that although our soups were both delicious, I believe mine were hardier, and filled with a plethora of gorgeous vegetables.

My mother always reminded me that delicious pea soup always started with a bone. But then I noticed that it didn’t matter what kind of soup we were preparing, we always started off with a bone, and a pot of water. Not like a roast beef bone, but a really good looking shin bone that you clean and prepare before you place it into your pot of boiling water.

Now pea soup is always delicious, but not nearly as effective for colds and flu, as chicken soup.  And since I was in an absolutely not-breathing mode...I had to go with chicken soup. What I truly discovered on my soup journey, is that chickens do have their own familiar taste. So I hurried off to my neighborhood Kings, and purchased two Bell and Evans chicken breasts. I also purchased four parsnips, a bunch of parsley, bunch of carrots, and a zucchini. (I add a touch of zucchini to most every meal I prepare).

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A soon as I got home, I cleaned the extra fat from the chicken breasts, scraped, cleaned, and chunked my bag of carrots, cleaned, and trimmed the parsnips, then cutting them into smaller bites, I trimmed and added four full stalks of celery, plus a few of the green leaves, a whole medium-size tomato cut into small  pieces, and for extra, full-bodied flavor, added 2 Herb-Ox Bouillon Cubes, one medium-sized onion, and 2 dried bay leaves. 

Taking my Dutch Oven to the Sink, I filled the pot with six cups of water, the chicken breasts, and all the vegetables. I let all of this simmer on a low flame for about two and one-half hours. Along with our soup, I use Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Noodles adding them to the soup, just before it is served.

I only know, I’ve never tasted better chicken soup....!

It’s also known as “the cure”!  Please stay Well!