NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - On Sunday afternoon, October 7th, a few hours before Adams Fine Clothing in New Providence was about to close, a 16-year-old drove a car through the store window.

At approximately 1 p.m., owner Joe Savino, who was putting decorations in the window, said a car went over the curb, into the window and smashed a column in his store, as well. Savino said the driver then panicked, put the car in drive instead of reverse and drove into the window again.

The teenager from Chatham allegedly took his father’s car, while his parents were away for the weekend and went out with another 16-year old male friend. Savino said he is glad no one got hurt, but when an unlicensed driver gets behind the wheel who knows what will happen, he said.    

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Savino, who tried to keep a positive attitude about the situation, said he was very thankful that the passenger’s father came immediately after the incident, apologized and said things would be taken care of.  

“The passenger’s father was extremely helpful and he made sure I knew who they were,” Savino said. He added that the father of the driver brought his son to the store Monday morning, apologized and said he would cover the expenses. Savino is extremely grateful that both parents came forward, he said

While there were no customers in the store at the time of the accident, Savino believes he lost business Sunday and Monday. Some people even called asking if they were open, he said.  

However, his biggest concern at the time was how he could fix the glass on a Sunday of a holiday weekend. He called Davies and Assoc., his insurance agency, but they were closed. However, because Bob Davies is a customer and a friend, he called his cell phone and within 15 minutes Davies was there. Two hours later, a company was on site getting rid of the glass and covering the window.

“It pays to do business locally,” Savino said.

Savino said he is not sure when the glass will be repaired, but he said the store is open and is going to remain open.