To the Editor:

Mr. Kelly seems to dismiss facts in favor of thoughtful kind questioning. The simple fact is Mr. Kelly hid the site of the affordable housing project, along with the relocation of town hall from the public for months and months. And, being a committeeman for years, knew or should have known about the upgrades needed to the police station. These simple facts should have been transmitted to the public immediately by Mr. Kelly, but were not.

Fact is, while hiding the decision to place 65 affordable units on Meyersville Road
and relocating town hall to Southern Boulevard, he also made sure that the public would not know about it until the eleventh hour. Also, not telling the public until numerous legal extension had been exhausted. And then trying to sell the public that the site of the housing had to be hidden from the public due to litigation. Well, the amount of housing possibly, but the possible steps for placement of the housing not so.

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It is also fact that the complex of affordable housing at Meyersville Road was held back until after the election.

It is also fact no traffic studies were done.
It is also fact that the neighborhoods affected were not notified by mail. It is also fact that the public was not involved in any of the decision making. And where are the cost estimates for construction of a new town hall and tax burden calculations? If they exist the public should have them before decisions are made, not after. There are many more facts Mr. Kelly chooses to dismiss, but these few are fundamental.

Somehow, Mr. Kelly believes questioning these facts is not thoughtful. Well, I beg to differ, as do the many people who have subsequently shown up at meetings to question Mr. Kelly on these very facts. What is appalling is Mr. Kelly trying to distance himself from these facts.

Last but not least Mr. Kelly has called himself a Republican. Fact is he just got done endorsing the two Democrats, and this is not the first time he has done so. I won't question what one may call themselves politically, but I will question one's motives behind that decision, and wonder why when the actions don't match up.

Seems to me the public is being told to accept these facts. Handle the truth and too bad. But when Mr. Kelly is questioned, as Jack Nicholson famously claimed, Mr. Kelly, "You Can't Handle the Truth ". Or the facts. Sad that you expect the taxpayers to.

Dan Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township