To the Editor:

How nice of Mayor Kelly to be so frank with the residents and their concerns. When confronted, sued due to his decisions on affordable housing, he calls it a nuisance, and the residents will not win. Wouldn't it be nice if the mayor would stick up for the residents instead?

Problem is Kelly has been integral in hiding the affordable housing plan for two years in order to get a new town hall. When he tried to slide it by on a cold night at a sleepy normal committee meeting he got caught. Now, that the residents have been forced to have no choice but to sue, to protect THEIR interests, he stands against them.

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The lawsuits from the Meyersville group, as well as the imminent one from the residents on River Road, should be far from a nuisance for him and Ness, win or lose. Far are Kelly and Ness from serving their constituents. The will of the people is what they are sworn to serve. Unfortunately, since the backroom deals have been exposed, we know secrecy and hidden self servant agendas are what they serve. They have proven that the will of the people is meaningless to them. Their words have never matched their actions. I learned long ago, watch someone's feet, they tell you way more than their mouths.

It is sad that our ordinances are disregarded for our government but strictly enforced on our residents. It is sad that hidden agendas overrode opportunity for forward-thinking and solid planning. It is equally sad that we believed our committee was being run well and for our best interests. We as residents got suckered, while we were living our lives and paying our taxes, our Mayor Kelly was duping us all.

At this point, the best we can do is get Kelly out of office and vote someone on who cares about our residents. It is time to have a mayor that stands up for us, fights for our best interest, and fights back against the onerous regulation placed on us by a state that could care less. If the effort to thwart the public was put into proper development and planning, we would all be better off. Kelly and Ness have missed the mark miserably.

Instead of bowing down, we should all be standing up for doing the right thing in the right way. We should not be hurting our existing residents because our mayor decided his personal agenda needed to be hidden from the public for two years. This starts with getting rid of the cause, Kelly and Ness, and putting our trust in people who give a damn about you. Hopefully, these "nuisance" lawsuits to Kelly, will buy enough time to do such.

Regards, Daniel Miller

Green Village Section of Chatham Township