To the Editor:

To be short, nobody truly believes it was not a directive from the mayor and deputy mayor for the "call to action" signs to be removed. Our new administrator would never take on an action such as this without direction, and the entire town knows it. Could the possibility of a miscommunication exist as far as private property? Sure, but doubtful.

Kelly says that signs in public areas that appear to be an endorsement must be removed. Well, his election signs, as well as Tracy Ness' signs have certainly been
placed at these very same areas and not removed. His election signs must also have been placed to give the appearance of endorsement I believe. His words, not mine.

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Think back to election time, and watch in the future as you will see "elect me" signs in the very same placement on public land. The removal of the "call to action" signs was clearly that KELLY AND NESS DON'T LIKE THE MESSAGE, NO MATTER WHERE THE SIGNS MAY HAVE BEEN PLACED, AND THEY GOT CAUGHT.

The proof is in the backroom secrecy, refusal to answer questions in public that might influence the courts against them, etc. The only reason Kelly and Ness are destroying your rights and town is because they want a new municipal building. They are only hiding behind the affordable housing issue to get it. They do not care about a reasonable solution to affordable housing unless it includes a new municipal building for themselves on your dime.

The list of impropriety goes on and on. Don't buy into the hypocrisy. We need to get control of our town back into competent hands. That certainly is not these jokers. Unfortunately, Kelly and Ness will cost us all millions of dollars in the meantime.

Daniel Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township