To the Editor:

Now Mike Kelly chooses to try to take excerpts of statements out of context to bolster himself. Wonder how many hours behind closed doors that took in the midst of a pandemic when we need leadership not provided by Mayor Kelly?

Litigate and sue are somewhat different. The point Kelly misses is HE
has forced residents to sue to protect themselves from HIS actions, due to his lack of ability to litigate, or negotiate, the issue of affordable housing with the state for an outcome suitable for our town.

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Kelly has forced residents to sue the Township because of the pain and anguish he is causing to many residents both financially and physically. All because he has chosen not to litigate, or negotiate, with the state in the best interests of all our residents, including future residents.

And when Kelly wishes to condemn people's property, does he truly believe those residents will not push back by taking legal action? I guess King Kelly believes his rule is total and not questionable.

And here we are in the midst of one of the most devastating pandemics in history.
Sickness and death. People hurting. Financial ruin abounding among us all. Fear stricken seniors. All so sad. True leadership, and the health and welfare of not only our town, but the world is what we need and is what is most important.

Kelly's answer? Conduct meetings when advised not to. Conduct meetings remotely and push his agenda when the community cannot fully participate. Ignore the true concerns of citizens and use the pandemic as a political tool, all to get his desired outcome on affordable housing. And on top of it all propose a massive tax hike while people are hurting financially. What a joke.

And what absolute insensitivity during one of the most devastating situations in our lifetimes. Kelly must be on the phone with Nancy Pelosi getting his strategy points, learning how to use a crisis to push a political agenda.

Felice and Hamilton are not only correct in their assertions, but they will provide the true leadership needed, whether it be with this horrible health crisis, affordable housing, or the many other issues our beloved Township may face.

Be sure to vote Felice and Hamilton in the Republican primary.

Regards, stay safe and healthy!
Daniel Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township