To the Editor:

While we are in the midst of losing jobs, citizens of Chatham Township some sick, some sadly passing away, uncertain financial stability, and many unable to work, Kelly proposes massive tax increases.

How unbelievable, but fact. Kelly and Ness will tell you it is not that much, with their noses high in the air above it all. During this horrible crisis, they just don't care and show zero compassion. This is a time when tax deferments should be the goal for those in need, not tax increases. Our federal and state governments realize this. Kelly and Ness do not, nor do they care. Our most vulnerable, the seniors suffer most, and are in need. Our financially displaced citizens are in need. The words of Kelly and Ness do not meet their actions. Do they even realize foreclosures, evictions, mortgage payments, car loans, tax payments, etc. have been deferred or put on hold? Obviously this twisted agenda of theirs is too important to be on hold.

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Yes, many are fortunate in Chatham Township. That does not mean all, and unfortunately, the numbers of the fortunate will certainly dwindle due to the financial impacts of the pandemic. We have many on a fixed income of which the pandemic has decimated. Many business owners are now hurting, as are all our citizens. Kelly, as from the beginning has not taken any of this seriously. Ness doesn't even own a home in town, which eliminates any permanent tax impacts on her. She can just up and leave, not having to try to market an overtaxed house to a market hurt by the pandemic. The rest of us have to foot the bill in the face of the current adversity. Kelly signs on to the tax increases again proving his absolute incompetence with most every issue, including coronavirus response, affordable housing debacle, general maintenance on our buildings, bag bans, etc. His six-year record, as much as he wishes to run from it, is undeniable and atrocious, filled with deception and backroom deals. At a time when our federal government is infusing money to help our economy stay afloat, Kelly and Ness are placing a heavy financial burden on our residents and businesses, all the way down to enforcing a charge for paper bags at the stores. Talk about tone-deaf. No concept of the financial consequences we are all facing.

At a time where any reasonable person, including state judges, would certainly see reason for pause on affordable housing, Kelly pushes forward, ignoring all financial impacts on our Township and its citizens who are already hurting. Buying houses, pushing through unwanted plans for affordable housing and group homes. Massive tax increases on an already stretched and hurting economy is foolish, short-sighted, and certainly not in the public interest. Kelly and Ness prove once again that they do not work in the public interest, and never have. Their plans will certainly cause more foreclosures. I am sure Kelly will look to suck those homes up on the taxpayer dime as well in order to push his disturbing agenda, concocted out of the public eye.

It is time to stand up and fight this. Unfortunately, now it is so hard because we can't attend meetings in person. As most towns across the country are holding virtual meetings simply to pay bills and keep their towns up and running, Kelly uses these inaccessible meetings to his advantage. Kelly does this to stifle the public view once again, and attempt to control the narrative, and push his unwanted agenda through at a time when it is unnecessary. Kelly seems to share the view of Hillary Clinton, never let a good old pandemic go to waste, use it to push political agenda. We can not let it happen.

The one way we can end it is to vote Kelly out in the Republican primary. If he is not removed, our town economy will suffer, as will the citizenry suffer from the plague known as Michael Kelly. This plague can be eliminated, at the ballot box.

Daniel Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township