It all began at 11:30  a. m. on Friday, May 23d, at the newly inspired Kings Food Market, 300 South Ave., in Garwood. . Everywhere you turned there were samplings of delicious fruits, breads, homemade dishes, cheeses, and delectable pastries, pies, and other treats.  Along with Chef demonstrations, visits to an expanded gourmet candy section, Wi-Fi enabled lndoor-care, an expanded floral area, an expanded gourmet candy section, new olive and mezze bars, where customers are welcome to add their creativity to any of King’s prepared meals, by trying a variety of delicious dishes such as marinated chickens, fresh pickles, falafel's, coleslaw and hot peppers. The event will also mark the 2014 launch of King’s exclusive 24 Hour Just Picked Promise-- a commitment to make locally grown farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs available to shoppers within 24 hours of being picked. Kings  Just Picked Promise gives shoppers the benefit of a local farm stand conveniently located in their very-own, neighborhood food market.

The official launch featured  remarks from Garwood Mayor Patricia Quattrocci, Kings President & CEO Judy Spires, COO Rich Durante, and Store Manager Brian Delp. Kings will also make a monetary donation to the Westfield Food Pantry at Holy Trinity, an organization dedicated to assisting individuals within the Union County area by offering food, supplies and other services.

On Site was Chef Barry E. Sexton of the Opinionated Palate preparing the first of the season asparagus, sautéed radish, and cabbage, and almond dishes, using Kings’ local, ‘Just Picked Promise’ produce. In addition, shoppers enjoyed samples from NJ-based favorites such as Cento’s fresh tomato sauce, Conte’s gluten-free pizza, and King’s fresh strawberries and pineapple dipped in King’s gourmet chocolates.  Along with the on-site Sabra Hummus  truck offering  a variety of gourmet hummus flavors, customers were able to sample toppings in flavors of roasted red peppers, and garlic.

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Most King’s customers are well aware, that they are always able to choose from the highest quality meats, freshest produce, the finest seafood, a vast assortment of organic and gluten-free options, and the best in dairy products.

Please don’t leave without a visit to their very own fabulous bakery, a stop at the Deli Counter for your favorite cuts of Deli meats, cheese, and bread, and do search for the delicious, store-baked cookies and specialty items, that quite frankly, you’ll find, you cannot live without.

What do I especially love about Kings? I love their dedicated, knowledgeable staff, especially the butchers and produce staff. They are always ready to assist with whatever concern you may have...and quite frankly they are always able to select the finest cuts of beef and poultry...and the freshest in-season fruits and vegetables. 

And, by-the-way...don’t leave without treating yourself to a bunch of their beautiful, fresh flowers.

A Huge Welcome to our Newly Inspired King’s Food Market located on South Avenue in Garwood.

I know I’ll see you there!

Millicent K. Brody