To the Editor:

Regarding the article on the ecological appraisal of River Road for affordable housing:

I appreciate the ongoing discussion about the development nobody wants, the affordable housing "solution," and the work this edition of the Township Committee and all who are assisting them are doing. However, we and they are dealing with a "solution" that has been thrust upon us because previous township committees kicked the can down the road. Well, now the "can" - and tour town - have hit a stone wall, and something has to give.

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Is the River Road site the answer? I'm not lobbying for or against it - or any of the current choices, most of which make nobody happy. Every site selected has many drawbacks and nothing which will satisfy everyone, or possibly even anyone: excessive costs, threatened ecology, "NIMBY" (if we're being honest), etc. But in reality, we're stuck in a place where something has to be done, acknowledging (again) that it's something nobody wants. What will it be? Is there a better idea out there that I'm missing?

Our town needs to get this resolved equitably and speedily. I doubt that lawsuits against the township are going to do anything but delay the process, reduce our options, and cost money better put into an actual solution. I understand the well-defined issues; my questions now include whether we have exhausted all our remaining options, if there are any viable new suggestions, any fresh legal alternatives (which I believe have been exhausted already) and what will create the least resistance and most forward progress.

As one citizenry, we need to find our own solutions before the solutions of others are forced on us and we lose our say in the matter. We may even be past that cut-off point. I don't have the answer, or even AN answer, but I'd like to see less heat and more light. 

Thank you for allowing me to express my frustration; I don't think most people will be happy with whatever the outcome will be, but I hope we can find an effective way forward that we can all live with. 

Paul Payton