Dear Editor:

Jill Weber has served as a member of the Board of Education for the last six years. Jill Weber’s goal and objectives have always been to maintain the high quality of education in Chatham. She has been fiscally
responsible in the challenging environment of growing enrollment while being limited to the 2 percent cap, which only covers increases in salaries and health insurance costs.  

For the past six years, Jill Weber has facilitated numerous public meetings and information sessions for all residents. She has listened to all voices in the community and acted in the best interest of the school district and the residents of Chatham. Everyone is always given an opportunity to speak and share their views and opinions. 

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The Board of Education has always been transparent. In addition to regular BOE meetings, the Board also holds multiple open curriculum and budget meetings throughout the year. The entire budget is posted on the district’s website. The full curriculum is posted on the district’s website. All meeting minutes and agendas are posted on the district’s website.  All regular BOE meetings are filmed and posted on the district’s website. Jill Weber and the entire BOE have always been transparent and available to discuss all concerns. 

Jill has volunteered her time for over 25 years in many organizations and did not begin her volunteer activities at the Board of Education level. Jill has volunteered for the school PTOs, St. Patrick’s Church, Chatham United Soccer, Pack 6 and Troop 8 scouting organizations, and served on the Board of Education for the last 6 years.

Jill Weber has provided leadership throughout her time on the BOE, including the national attention received for the teaching of world religions in our schools. The teaching of world religions is required as part of the state standards and is not a policy disagreement. Jill facilitated a two-hour public Board of Education meeting on March 6th to inform the community on the standards and how religions are discussed in our social studies classes from kindergarten through high school. The community attended this meeting in large numbers to show support for the school district. 

Jill Weber’s integrity is beyond reproach and her commitment to the community has never wavered.  Please vote for Jill Weber on November 7th to ensure the continued success of our students and the school district.


Theresa Burns