MADISON, NJ - Mayor Mary-Anna Holden and the Madison Council discussed and passed a number of ordinances and resolutions at the Madison Borough Council meeting on Monday evening, chief among them Ordinance R 183-2010, pertaining to an agreement between the Borough of Madison and the Borough of Chatham to provide part time construction code, plumbing sub-code and electrical sub-code services on a fee basis.

Madison will provide said services and Chatham would be the receiver of these services. In turn, Chatham will pay Madison a $60,000 dollar annual fee, to be pro-rated for the year 2010. The partnership between these two towns will be for a period of four years commencing on August 1, 2010 and ending on December 31, 2013.

A provision in Ordinance R 183-2010 allows either town to terminate its participation in the partnership agreement as long as a written notice is provided to the other 120 days in advance of planned termination.  This agreement also states that each municipality shall be solely responsible for its own enforcement actions for violations within its municipality.

The Madison Council also passed the following resolutions:

Resolutions R 184-2010 and R 185-2010 were passed to allow money from the Fire Department Trust Account be appropriated for the purchase of new fire fighting equipment. The total cost for this new equipment is 13,350.00.

Resolution R 187-2010 pertains to the Madison Borough Council awarding a road reconstruction contract to Cifelli and Sons in the amount of $230,675.00 to reconstruct Brooklake Road.  

Resolution R 188-2010 concerns the awarding of a $250,000.00 contract to Matina and Son Construction Inc. for the Water Main Replacement Project. Both the road reconstruction and water main project were advertised publicly for bids.

Madison Council member Sam Cerciello expressed concern about how the town came to award the contracts and felt that maybe the council should have taken more time to consider the amount of money being spent on some projects. Cerciello said "I don't feel I was involved enough in the process in deciding how this money was to be spent on these projects that Madison awarded contracts for."

Cerciello went on to say that he did not make some meetings and found out about some of the bid awards at the last minute.

Madison Mayor Mary-Anna Holden responded, "That is your obligation and responsibility to meet once a month with your direct reports for Public Works and Engineering and discuss with Bob Vogel (Madison Town Engineer) or whomever to give ideas for cost cutting and convey your concerns and stay in the loop."

For a complete list of ordinances and resolutions passed by the council please visit the Borough of Madison website. The website address is