What can a massage do besides relax tensed muscles? Nothing right? No that is actually wrong. In an era where everything is moving so fast paced, we all tend to put stress on our bodies and minds. Massage therapy can do so much more than just wash away the pressures of the day. Studies have shown that massages done on a regular basis can yield optimal results for one’s overall health. Massage Therapy as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures to help boost the immune system!

Massages not only feel amazing, but it has also proven to improve your sleep, raise alertness, increase joint flexibility, relieve stress and depression, lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and even is beneficial in easing cancer treatments.

We emphasize the importance of offering services that are aimed to target overall well being and prevent illnesses. Owner Susan Barbaglia believes sometimes all you need is a touch.

The powerful touch of massage therapy is valuable. She says, “I believe that massages should be done on a regular basis in order to help break down muscle stress that is caused by high amounts of computer use and other everyday activities. I would suggest getting at least one massage a month to help alleviate pain and pressure that can build up especially in the shoulder, neck and/or back area. Targeting those specific areas of the body will break down muscle tightness and make you feel better instantly.”

Here at Skin Deep Salon and Spa we offer a range of massage therapy treatments that will help with stressed skin or stressed muscles. Prenatal massages are also offered which focuses specifically on catering to the expectant mother who is passed her first trimester of pregnancy. Deep tissue and aroma therapy massages are offered as well which uses the power of the massage therapists’ strength and aromatic oils to enhance the effects of the massage to combat stress and congestion.

For more information on massage therapy or to book an appointment please call Skin Deep Salon and Spa at (908)508-1800. Our summer hours of operation are Monday 9-5 PM, Tuesday through Thursday 9-8 PM, Friday 9-6:30 PM and Saturday 9-4 PM.

We look forward to servicing you.