To the Editor:

We are writing to urge our fellow Chatham Township Republicans to vote for Karen Swartz in the June 6 th Primary Election for Township Committee.

As a member of the Township Committee since 2015, Deputy Mayor Swartz has served our community with a sense of understanding, fairness and fiscal restraint that has benefited us all. Karen was elected to her current position, as she will be the first to tell you, without an agenda but rather with a heartfelt desire to see this township continue to serve our 4,000 households efficiently while allowing our families and individual residents the greatest latitude to make financial decisions for themselves.

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She has done just that and more. Upon joining the Township Committee, Karen set out to improve communication efforts with our local utility companies. Her efforts lead to an increased dialogue between the Township and the utilities allowing for more detailed information and advance notice of their projects. This provided for minimal disruptions to residents and allowed the utility companies to operate more efficiently. Karen has worked closely with the Department of Public Works both here and at the County level securing support and funding for local projects. Additionally, she has been a strong advocate for our senior residents and has had a consistent presence in matters regarding our Senior Center of the Chatham’s.

Chatham Township continues to see upticks in our quality of life, the safety of our community, the value of our homes, the caliber of our schools, and the credit worthiness of our municipal balance sheet. We have been and continue to be moving in the right direction. As Mayors, we have all had the honor of serving Chatham Township throughout the years and we know firsthand of the sometimes difficult decisions of applying a proper balance. This community is fortunate to have an individual of such prudence willing to serve as a consistent and guiding presence in these matters. We therefore urge every registered Republican in Chatham Township to vote for Karen Swartz on Tuesday June 6 th . We will all be better doing so.

Mayor Curt Ritter, Kevin Sullivan, Nicole Hagner, and Kevin Tubbs