Dear Chatham Neighbors: 

The Board of Education election on Tuesday, November 7 is not only important for our children, it is critically important for Chatham. That is why we are supporting Mike Ryan.

Mike Ryan is running on a campaign of inclusion, accountability, and transparency, three things that have been in short supply under the current leadership of the Board.

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You may know that the Board of Education eliminated your right to vote on the annual school budget. 70 MILLION DOLLARS is controlled by a handful of well-intentioned individuals who unfortunately don’t represent the viewpoints of ALL in our community. Spending on projects that have ZERO impact on educating our kids combined with the serious tax implications of the potential changes in Trenton and Washington, leave us at risk of having tax increases beyond the current 2 percent cap imposed upon us by the Board, and there will be nothing we can do about it!  Mike Ryan wants the Board of Education to be accountable to you. He wants your voice to be included, and he fully supports your right to vote on the school budget.

Mike Ryan wants to hold the Board of Education accountable to the taxpayers. Have you heard about the $2.6M central office building that is going up next to the high school? The community overwhelmingly rejected the project twice, but the Board has taken it upon themselves to ignore the taxpayers and has unilaterally decided to go ahead with the project, a project that has ZERO academic benefits for our kids. They are using the money from the Capital Reserve Fund, money that could have been used for some of the referendum projects you have now seen reflected in your higher tax bills. Where is the accountability? The transparency?

The voices of our whole community should drive the agenda, not the voices of a select few. What about the fabric of our community, the seniors who have made Chatham the great town it is today? They are feeling as if they’re an afterthought and many, sadly, simply cannot afford to live in their hometown of Chatham that they made great. In addition, the BOE is well aware of very serious problems and concerns about our special education department, but they have done nothing to address them. Mike wants to know how you feel. Your vision is his vision.

Do you want our Board of Education to be a board of diverse ideas, or should we continue electing people who simply “follow the leader”? A vote for any other candidate in the Borough will assure that you will no longer have the ability to vote on the budget.  A vote for Mike Ryan means that your concerns and opinions will matter. YOUR vision is his vision.

Please vote for Michael Ryan for Chatham’s Board of Education.


Jim and Joyce Martinsen