Katie Koestner was 18 when she went off to college with the same hopes and dreams as her peers. Koestner’s freshman year did not turn out the way she had hoped after she was date raped on campus.  

First-year college students are at the greatest risk for sexual assault. In 2014, one in four college women reported they were sexually assault. Koestner has dedicated her life since the incident to educating students and parents about college sexual assault. Koestner appeared on the cover of TIME magazine as being the first woman in history to speak out as a victim of college date rape. Koestner has spoken to more 1500 schools across the nation on student safety issues.

Koestner will be presenting to Chatham High School juniors and seniors on Oct. 28 during the school day. She will present to parents that evening at 7 p.m. at the high school. Her presentation will discuss the transition from high school to college and provide helpful strategies in keeping safe while away at college.