Six new families were warmly welcomed into the congregation of The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township (PCCT) on Sunday, June 3rd. Joining were Lee and Stacy Howell, Pamela Crowley, Luisa Grainger, Bruno and Kim Barbera, Steve and Wendy Kuppenheimer, and Sylvia and Kurt Kleinle.

To become new members, these families attended a series of interactive classes to acquaint them with PCCT’s vibrant congregation and hear about the ways in which the church connects with people in all stages of life. Whether you are interested in an inspiring worship service, making meaningful connections with others, engaging in service opportunities, sharing a love of music, or participating in children’s Church School, PCCT has something for everyone.

The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township is a vibrant, multi-generational congregation that celebrates the glory of God through faith, fellowship and service. Drawing members from three counties and more than 20 communities, it welcomes all, whether you are a young family, a single adult, or a couple with grown children. The congregation reflects diverse perspectives, provides rich music and education programs for all ages, and through social outreach addresses hunger, homelessness and recovery from disasters or other crises.  The Church is located at 240 Southern Boulevard.  If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more about The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, visit us at or call the church office at (973) 635-2340.