During the course of my four years at New Providence High School, the single most important life lesson that I have learned is how to work as a team to get something accomplished. For four years I was a member of the football, basketball, and baseball teams at the high school, and as a result I have had some unforgettable memories and have built incredible friendships that will last forever. Most importantly however, I have learned what it means to work together with other individuals in order to achieve some unified goal.

Football, basketball, and baseball are all sports that require an incredible amount of teamwork in order to be successful. Football in particular requires every individual on the team to fulfill their specific role on every single play. If just one person makes a mistake, the result may be a sack or a touchdown. The moment when I finally realized what true teamwork could actually accomplish occurred at the Thanksgiving Day football game this year between New Providence and Governor Livingston. With my team trailing 13-0 at halftime to a team that was bigger and more skilled than us, we managed to regroup at halftime and figure out a way to work together to pull off an incredible comeback. As the quarterback, each time I threw the ball I had to trust my teammate that he would come down with it. On defense I had to have the confidence to believe that no matter what I did, someone always had my back. This game was the most glaring example for me of teamwork at its finest, but it is only one of the many athletic encounters throughout my career that have taught me what teamwork can accomplish.

Knowing what I now do is something that will be very beneficial as a move forward in life. I believe that my experiences in athletics have helped shape who I am today, and have helped make me a valuable team member. In the future, whether it is in college or out in the workforce, the ability to successfully cooperate with others in a team environment is a skill that's value cannot be stressed enough. It is impossible to go through life without ever having to work with someone else, or a whole group of people for that matter, in order to accomplish a given task.

Thanks to my experiences at New Providence High School, I feel like I am ready to tackle whatever challenges that await me.