The Senior Center of the Chathams welcomes a new Tai Chi-Qi Gong instructor, Cesar Godoy. Many years ago, after finishing his college studies and receiving his Architectural Degree, Cesar began to train and practice Okinawan Kempo, a style of “empty hands” Martial  Art.  Within three years, and thanks to a dream that showed him two senior Chinese men practicing a very slow form of Martial Art, he discovered Tai Chi.  It didn’t take long before a Tai Chi practitioner came into his life and initiated him in this Internal Martial Art.  In the late 70s, we find Cesar in New York City, studying with William Chen.  Through the 80s, he continued practicing and teaching Tai Chi. In 1993 he relocated to Convent Station, NJ, where he met and studied for several years with a great Martial Arts teacher, Alex Kiupe, who introduced him to the practice of Qi Gong, a Chinese art strongly rooted in Taoist philosophy.  This suited Cesar perfectly, since from his years in college he has been an avid student of Oriental and Classical philosophies and comparative religions.
Driven by his profound interest in the mysteries of the mind, Cesar pursued the study of hypnosis, becoming a certified Master Hypnotist and Hypno-Counselor, with special training in Past Life Regression, Stress Management and Parts Therapy.  Additionally, he is a practitioner of meditation and a shamanic work facilitator.

Classes are held in the Chatham Township Municipal building’s gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am to noon. The class is designed for all levels of students with each participant working at his/her individual level of ability.  The combination of slow movements with breathing specific to that motion, gently tones and strengthens the organs, joints, bones and muscles, relaxing mind, body and spirit. Participants also find an improvement in balance, thereby preventing falls and injuries. The cost of a session of 10 classes is $57. Students can opt to attend only one day per week for a cost of $35 for the 5 classes. Anyone interested may try out a class free of charge or obligation. The next session begins June 7, however students can come in at anytime and the fee will be prorated.

The Senior Center operates a van for door-to-door transportation to the Senior Center (and anywhere else in the Chathams and Madison) for Chatham seniors. For further information, please call the Senior Center at (973)635-4565.