During the past year, President Barak Obama and senior Democratic legislators have been engaged in a toe-to-toe battle with the conservative Republican leadership over the budget. Recently, a compromise was achieved where the parties agreed to cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Veteran’s Benefits and a host of other social programs and services.

The measure of these cuts has been unprecedented since Franklin Delano Roosevelt began creating such programs as part of the “New Deal” in the1930’s”. For many Americans, it will mean the difference between survival and poverty. For a significant number, it will mean homelessness. Interestingly, approximately one-fourth of the large corporations pay no taxes, due to sweetheart deals with the Government. Corporate profits and bonuses are greater than ever. The budget, in essence, will be balanced on the back of the poor working stiff.

The cross-party compromise has raised the ire of many Democrats. According to Boston Globe reporter Tracy Jan:

“A coalition of prominent Democrats, including many from New England, slammed President Obama’s $3.8 trillion budget blueprint Wednesday for its proposed changes to the Social Security payment formula and Medicare, opening a widening rift between the president and members of his own party.

The switch would mean the growth of benefits would slow and no longer keep pace with the current measure of price increases on such necessities such as food and health care.”

As the cost of living increases, social security payments will remain stagnant, thus driving more working class senior citizens into poverty. Suddenly, the Democratic Party no longer appears to be the protector of vulnerable citizens. Hopefully, the President will wake up and regain his identity.