Chatham High School students Sarah Delaney, Cathryn Jijon, Galen Polise, and Madison Rubino held a diaper drive on Saturday, January 29, and Sunday, January 30 to benefit the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morristown, NJ.  The diaper drive was extremely successful, with over 7,000 diapers and 20 boxes of wipes collected for the pantry.   The girls had tried to guess how many diapers they would be able to provide to the food pantry, but they never guessed that the number would be so large.

“The people of Chatham were very generous “said Sarah Delaney. “ They donated the diapers and wipes as expected, but we were surprised at how much cash we received.    The cash donations eventually piled up, and, with that money, we were able to go and buy over 3000 more diapers.  We want to thank the people of Chatham for their generosity, and Kings for letting us hold our diaper drive at their supermarket.”

The Interfaith Food Pantry provides food and groceries to Morris County residents who are in need.  People who currently visit the food pantry for assistance include senior citizens, disabled individuals, low-income wage earners, unemployed workers and families in crisis.

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The girls came up with the idea of a diaper drive after one of their volunteer days at the food pantry, when one of the employees mentioned to them that families with small children came to the food pantry in search of diapers.  “We knew we were helping by sorting the donated items” said Cathryn Jijon, ”but we wanted to do more. We had sorted many crates of food, but had never seen a donated diaper. We thought that a diaper drive would really help ”.  

Madison Rubino added  “We did not realize how expensive diapers were until we started planning for this drive.  We understood then why families would go to the food pantry in search of this basic necessity.  I know that the contributions that the people of Chatham made will be highly appreciated by these families.”

According to Galen Polise “we will definitely hold another drive to benefit the Interfaith Food Pantry.  We were impressed with how nice everyone was and how willing they were to contribute. The only thing we would do differently is to hold the drive in warmer weather.  It was a bit chilly this past weekend. But, definitely worth it.”

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