Obama didn’t come out swinging, or even responding for that matter at last Wednesday's debate.  Like many supporters, I was sorely disappointed by his performance.  Romney prepared diligently to say whatever was needed to gather voter support.  Throughout the debate, he remained in control while Obama looked uncomfortable by contrast.  The statistics President Obama dryly presented to support his positions fell on deaf ears while Romney became more and more energized to say whatever his constituents and the undecided voters needed to hear.

The polls are in and even Obama some supporters appear to be jumping ship.  Obama took a calculated risk by appearing agreeable and polite at the debate.  Pundits have asked why he withheld debate discussion on Romney’s vulnerable points like, “The 47 Percent,” “Bain Capital,” “Tax Breaks for the Wealthy,” and “Eliminating Obamacare.”  Comedians have had a hey day with his lukewarm performance.

Yet, I will continue to support President Barack Obama.  I have 2 adult children that have found good jobs in their respective disciplines in the past year.  While one of them has to pay health insurance out of pocket, under Obamacare, his rates will be dramatically reduced.   I have 2 children who are presently in college.  When they graduate, under Obamacare, they will be able to stay on our family’s health insurance until the age of 26 while they plan their adult futures.   My husband and I are not so far from utilizing the Medicare system.  Medicare will be gutted by the Romney administration.

I support early childhood programs and good public education.  How else do students have the chance to improve themselves and support our middle class?  Mitt Romney’s school vouchers program just doesn't do it.  Children and families need good schools in their respective neighborhoods.

Enough has been said about "Big Bird," but I want to add my two sense.  My 4 children grew up with him and his "Sunny Days".  I have no children at home but still tune in sometimes.  I hope to have a grandchild some day that can watch along with me again.

Statistics prove that the stock market historically rises during a Democratic administration and Obama’s term has proven to be good for the vast majority of investors, even the modest ones.    I want my children to be able to invest their incomes in the future of America.  Our economy is showing signs of renewed growth and good health.

Am I better off in the last four years?  You bet I am and so is my family.  As soon as this goes in, I'm signing up for that Obama phone bank.

Marina P. Kennedy is a freelance writer and a nursery school teacher.  She lives in Watchung, NJ with her husband Chuck.