Dear Editor,

I’m writing to enthusiastically endorse Kathy Abbott and Mike Kelly for Township Committee. As a Republican and long-time Chatham Township resident, I can't stress enough to voters how impressed I am with the Abbott-Kelly ticket. We need Kathy Abbott and Mike Kelly because they have the time, intelligence and integrity to represent all residents fairly.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of getting to know Kathy Abbott professionally, serving as PTO President of Southern Boulevard School and working on many committees with her. I also know her personally as an extremely ethical, energetic, and community-oriented woman, whose commitment to Chatham is unquestionable. Kathy has spearheaded numerous projects at SBS to benefit our children: She secured a $5,000 grant to build a rain garden, and was instrumental in installing it as well as educating the SBS community about the benefits of the garden.

Additionally, as part of our Earth Day curriculum, Kathy developed and taught lessons about renewable energy, composting, clean water, and wildlife biology. Her strong interest in science education, as well as her ability to foster a sense of curiosity and wonder in children, have been a huge asset to education at Southern Boulevard School.

On every initiative for which Kathy and I have worked together over the years, I have always been impressed by her resourcefulness and her ability to think outside the box to find solutions that work for everyone. Both Kathy and Mike have the time to collaborate and gain input from all residents while making decisions that are important to the town. I have every confidence that this dynamic team is the best choice for Township Committee.

Please remember to vote on June 3rd for Kathy Abbott and Mike Kelly.

Thank you.

 Jennifer Cullinan, Current PTO President, Southern Boulevard School