Chatham-Summit Quakers welcome all interested members of the wider community to an open discussion of the topic of simplicity. The gathering will take place Sunday, September 19, 2010 from 1 pm to 2 pm at the Chatham-Summit Quaker meetinghouse at 158 Southern Boulevard in Chatham Township, NJ. Discussion will be facilitated by Cindy Kwalwasser, a member of the Meeting, and loosely guided by the book Secrets of Simplicity: Learn to Live Better With Less by Mary Carlomagno.

"Quakers have a testimony of simplicity that we strive mightily--and not always successfully--to live up to," says Cindy. "But it is not necessary to be Quaker, nor is it necessary to have read the book, in order to participate in a fruitful discussion of this topic. We are all engaged, on some level, in both a material and a spiritual rebellion against 'stuff' and each has something important to contribute."

According to Carlomagno, "Every one of the world's major religious faiths encourages some sort of balance and unity between one's self and one's surroundings. For centuries, philosophers, spiritual leaders, mystics, and poets have studied the idea of simplicity.. For us, the search for simplicity can take the shape of decluttering, destressing, and detoxing from daily life."

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The September 21 program is the fifth event in a year-long series of programs and events called "Inviting the Spirit" which was developed to celebrate the completion of work done to expand and renovate the 40-year old meetinghouse. On October 17, the series will feature another member of the Meeting, Andrew Tomlinson, who is Quaker United Nations Representative and Director of the Quaker UN Office in New York. Tomlinson will share from his experience moving from a career in finance to a life of facilitation and quiet diplomacy in the UN community.

More information can be obtained by visiting the Chatham-Summit Meeting website at or by calling 973-635-2161.