The hard work of Chatham Borough’s “Green Team” (the Green Initiatives Committee, Environmental Commission and Land and Historic Conservancy Advisory Committee) has paid off, and the Borough has obtained bronze certification in the Sustainable Jersey program.  Now is the perfect time for Borough residents to volunteer to join the “Green Team” and further our effort to be a truly sustainable community.  Each of the “Green Team” committees are looking for new members, and all you have to do to indicate your interest in joining one of the committees is to complete the “Application for Boards –Commissions- Committees” – which you can download from the web site ( under “Forms/Applications” or pick up an application at the Borough Clerk’s Office at Borough Hall.
The “Green Team” committees have a lot they would like to accomplish in 2011 – but to get the job done they need more members.  Among other things, the Green Initiatives Committee plans to look at ways for the Borough to be more energy efficient and for Borough residents to conserve more water, the Environmental Commission plans to host another Green Fair and further explore opportunities for us to preserve and restore our open space and make it more accessible, and, with the Land and Historic Conservancy Advisory Committee, will also be looking at establishing new trails and community gardens.  The three groups will also be looking at ways to educate residents about “green living” and making the Borough a more sustainable community.  The committees are open to new ideas and new projects.
Being a member of one of the “Green Team” committees involves a commitment to attend one meeting a month (meetings are usually in the evening and seldom last more than 1 ½ hours) plus a few hours a month outside of meetings accomplishing the various tasks. No prior experience is needed – just a sense of enthusiasm and a willingness to spend a few hours a month on committee tasks.  We encourage you to attend a meeting of one of the committees (the times are in the Borough calendar and on the Borough web site) so you can get a firsthand look at what the committees are doing.
Those of us who have worked on the “Green Team” have found the experience fun and rewarding, and we want to encourage others to join in.  If you have any questions, contact one of us, or any of the other “Green Team” members.