Having a roommate may not always be ideal, but sometimes they can be necessary, especially when you’re looking at larger apartment spaces.  Here are some tips from us to you- the roommate rules to live by…

Choose the Right Roommate

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They say that in relationships, opposites attract, but that doesn’t always hold true, especially when it comes to a roommate.  If you’re a neat freak, having a messy apartment-mate may not be your ideal situation (do you really want to clean up after your roommate all the time?).  Try to choose your roommate based on common interests and personality traits, this will make living in close quarters a more rewarding (an easier) situation.

Set Ground Rules

The first thing you and your new roommate should discuss before moving in is rules.  Sit down and decide how to split chores, who will handle bill payments and general apartment behavior (like noise curfews, overnight visitors, food sharing, etc).  This will set the tone for living together and make your time spent together more enjoyable.

Be Respectful

Having a roommate means sharing space- and sharing other things as well!  But you don’t want your personal items muddled and neither does your roommate.  Respect each other’s boundaries- if you’re working a late night and your roommate has to be up early the next day, be mindful of this and make a plan so you don’t disturb one another.  If you have over company, have them been respectful and not enter your roommates living area without first asking their permission.  The more respect you show your roommate the more you will get in return.

Be Mindful of Décor

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to home décor.  An easy way to keep the peace when decorating your apartment is to keep it neutral.  Stay way from loud colors and accent pieces and keep it simple in the common living areas.  You can show a little more of your personality in your own personal space- your room!

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