Scarlet Elite Swim Club hosted their annual Awards Banquet at the Marriott on Route 10 on Sunday, April 23rd.  

Among the attendees were high school seniors Schuyler Bunn of Milburn (attending Kenyon College), Jimmy Coyne of Chatham (attending Virginia Tech University), Emily Gorham of Chatham (attending Bucknell University on a swimming scholarship), Angharad Healey of Summit (attending Vassar College on a swimming scholarship), Alicia Iizuka of Chatham (attending Northeastern University on a swimming scholarship), Karen Iizuka of Chatham (attending Wheaton College in MA on a swimming scholarship) , Audrey Kim of Livingston (attending Brandeis University on a swimming scholarship), and Emily Peter of Newton (attending Scared Heart University on a swimming scholarship).

Other awards given to team members were the scholar athlete, attendance, 100% Nothing Less, and Stars for Stars.

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