Lil' Reading Scientists will offer a one year full scholarship to a local child in grades 1-5 who demonstrates the need for remedial reading therapy and lack of financial resources to obtain help. Families applying for the scholarship will need to bring their child to Lil' Reading Scientists for a screening and submit their 2012 tax return for review. The deadline for application is August 20th, 2012. The scholarship service will begin the second week of September, 2012, and the student will attend twice per week for 45 minute sessions in a one-to-one tutoring setting. All applicants will receive a free reading screening and counseling regarding their children's literacy needs by Dyslexia Specialist Alison DeNero, Assistant Director of Lil' Reading Scientists. The student demonstrating the greatest need will be offered the scholarship. Lil' Reading Scientists is a Language and Literacy Learning Center for children ages 18 months to 15 years old, offering enrichment and remedial instruction in reading, spelling, writing, and handwriting, and also offering literacy-focused Kindergarten Enrichment and computer classes. Free screenings are available to all children ages 4-15 years of age on a weekly basis. To apply, please call Alison at 973-822-3200.