A chance e-mail from Dave Carey, Madison Firefighter, Marine Veteran, and Troop 7 Eagle Scout started a chain that led to Venture Crew 77 and Sina Alhusseini.

Sina is a Madison High School Junior, a VC-77 Vice President, and a key member of BSA-Patriots’ Path Council’s Youth Executive Committee. She also is looking towards completing a project that will earn her Venturing’s Highest Honor…the Silver Award.
Sina also wanted a project that supported those in the US Military, and that’s where the “Dave Carey connection” began in earnest. Mr. Carey is also the father of a current Air Force Sergeant, and has led many local support efforts. Recently he was able to locate one called “Coupons to Troops”
Founded in 2009, “Coupons to Troops” was created to help spread awareness that US military families who are stationed overseas can use coupons, up to 6 months past their expiration date.

The inspiration came from a letter that appeared in Dear Abby’s advice column in February 2009. A reader had written in, saying that she had just begun couponing but every week there were so many more than her family could use so she was wondering what she could do with the extra coupons. One thing led to another, and an amazing
support program was born.
An effort that allows us all to support the military families that sacrifice so much for us.
So during “coupon month” VC-77 and Firefighter Carey will be collecting manufacturer’s coupons (please…no individual store coupons are accepted by the program) during April. The following are the location where “drop boxes” will be available.
Madison Fire Department
Madison Police Department
Madison High School
Madison Junior School
Madison Volunteer Ambulance Squad Building
American Legion Post 43 in Florham Park
Patriots’ Path Council Headquarters in Florham Park
Madison Area YMCA
Madison Elks Lodge #1465
Madison Presbyterian Church
Other locations may be added during the month, or VC-77 will mobilize and pick-up coupons where applicable.
Scout Venture Crew #77, (VC-77) is a Boy Scout Unit for boys & girls ages 14 to 20 and is sponsored by the Madison Elks Lodge #1465. The events they are active in, both High-Adventure and Community-Based, are initiated, developed and implemented by the youth. . The Crew supports Madison, Millburn, Short Hills, Chatham, Chatham Twp., Florham Park, Livingston, & Summit.
Need more Information?? Call 973-377-0373 – or – e-mail eagle70@optonline.net