CHATHAM, NJ  - A special proclamation has been made by Mayor Bruce Harris of Chatham Borough and Mayor Kevin Sullivan of Chatham Township in honor of National Nutrition Month.  
ShopRite of Chatham is hosting events throughout March to celebrate a focus on healthy eating and the important role it has on physical, emotional and mental well-being.  A healthy diet can help you lose or maintain weight and prevent a number of chronic diseases; but, most importantly, it can help you feel good.  
Upcoming events through the ShopRite of Chatham, hosted by in-store Registered Dietitian Monica Hansen, aim to help customers follow a healthy eating plan not just this March but all year long:  In-store recipe samplings of foods like tofu, freekeh, and shiritake noodles, Kid’s Cooking Classes at the 
Chatham Library, free senior event at the Chatham Senior Center, and a joint event with the Madison YMCA to promote healthy eating and exercise on March 14th. Stop by ShopRite of Chatham or email to get up your own dietitian calendar for a complete schedule!
Additional tips below for healthy meal planning made easy.
  • Snack!  It’s a great way to provide your body with fuel to keep your energy level up all day.  
  • Choose healthy snacks that such as fruit, raw veggies, whole grain crackers or low fat yogurt.
  • Control portions and eat from a plate, not out of a package.
  • Eat slowly and put your fork down between bites.  This allows your body to recognize fullness.
  • Forget the “Clean Plate Club.”  Listen to your body’s signals and stop eating when you are full. You can always have leftovers wrapped up.
  • Don’t pick.  Contrary to what we’d like to believe: sips, tastes, bites, foods that crumble, foods that don’t hit your plate, food you eat while standing up, or the remainder of your child’s lunch do in fact have calories and can add up quickly.
  • Make eating the only event and enjoy it. When you eat while watching TV, you may consume more than you think.
  • Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time so that you’re prepared when hunger strikes.
  • Go food shopping on a full stomach and stick to a shopping list.
  • When you’re not really hungry but you get the urge to nibble out of boredom or stress, do something else like read, take a walk, watch television, or call a friend.
  • Keep portions in check since even healthy food can result in weight gain if you eat more than you should.  For example, two cups of brown rice, yes even brown rice, is still around 500 calories. Try measuring your portions for about a week to make sure you are eating appropriate amounts.